2020 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

2019.12.30 Update

1. Exhibition Information

• Venue: Taiwan Orchid Plantation (No. 325, Wushulin, Wushu Village, Houbi Dist., Tainan City 73191, Taiwan)

• Exhibition Date: March 7-16, 2020

• Opening Hour: 9 am – 6 pm (On March 17, the Show will be closed at 4 pm.)


2. Ticket Information

For more information about the ticket information, please see the link


3. Publicity Campaign

Not only the 2020 TIOS official website will publicize the exhibition information irregularly, but also you can subscribe or download updated information from Facebook of 2020 TIOS.


4. Group Guided Tour Services


    COMING SOON......



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