2020 TIOS臺灣國際蘭展 Taiwan International Orchid Show

Not only have improved water resources infrastructure enriched the land, but also enabled the growth of industries beyond agriculture during the past century and contributed to the rapid growth of the economy in Taiwan. The orchid industry and its export output were also booming during the same period. Orchids became the most important agricultural product of commercial farming in Tainan. Since then, Taiwan became a major player in the global orchid market. To present cultural trajectories on this land since ancient times, the 2020 Taiwan International Orchid Exhibition is themed Enrich 100 with the image of flourishing life thanks to the Chianan Irrigation System and the Wushantou Dam. We will look back on the significant memories around us during the past century in Taiwan and appreciate the sceneries that are found exclusively in the early history of modern Taiwan.




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